What does Data Axle do?

Data Axle can do a lot and its usage is best determined by your needs and processes. 

Full database installs

This is an ideal choice if you need to use large amounts of business and consumer data within your own products and can’t leverage APIs. All aspects are completely customizable and can be tailored to your organization, so you’ll get only what you need and nothing more. Database installs are a great option for leading tech companies and early-stage information platform developers that are in the marketing, advertising, location analytics, commercial risk, federal government, and location navigation industries.

Match, verify and append

Using our SaaS applications, built-in CRM integration, or APIs you can give your team the ability to improve your data quality and improve data confidence by comparing your data to ours to update or add as necessary. With improved quality, accuracy, and insights they can drive more meaningful results and interactions with your customers.  Match, verify and append functionality is a must-have for any company, and for any user working with data.

App development

APIs enable you to move data where your team or customers need it to power solutions for mobile, navigation, search, lead qualification, analytics, marketing and more.  If you are a leading tech company, an early-stage information platform developer, or any team responsible for reimagining how data moves through your ecosystem—our APIs will be a core component in your development initiative.

Lead qualification

Improving lead qualification isn’t always about adding more data. It’s about getting a better read on the data you already have. Being flexible on where and how data can be used can empower you to make fewer compromises across your lead qualification process. Data Axle is an excellent fit for companies in regulated industries (like insurance) that need real-time lead qualification. Our business and consumer data is both deep and broad enough to get the right perspective for any lead qualification process.

Data analytics

Data analysts love the ability to explore data but often don’t have access to all of the data they want to work with. With Data Axle, analysts enjoy the ability to write live queries against the data which empowers them to determine the attributes your audiences share, while digging deeper for large scale data analysis. Data Axle is a perfect choice for any team charged with determining who their customers are and what they want.

Drive your own use case with Data Axle

If you don’t see your specific business need here, you might not be alone. Over 80 of the Fortune 500 use Data Axle to drive numerous aspects of their businesses. The ways you can use our high-quality, real-time data are about as deep as the data itself. Reach out to Data Axle for an expert consultation on your unique needs.

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