Step 3 - Disable Duplicate Detection

1.13 Disable Duplicate Detection

Salesforce provides standard duplicate rules for business and person accounts, contacts, and leads. A duplicate rule defines what happens when a user views a record with duplicates or starts creating a duplicate record. The default Salesforce duplicate rules may be too strict, and may interfere with prospecting similar records.

The user has two options: (1) disable duplicate detection for all users or (2)) disable duplicate detection for the only the user who installed the package (this is the user new fields will be added as)

Click Setup

Type “Duplicate Rules” into quick find / search box. Click Duplicate Rules which is located under “Duplicate Management

1)  Option 1 - Disable for all users

For each duplicate rule, click the rule name and select “Edit

Click Deactivate  will disable the rule.

Click Back to List: Duplicate Rules and repeat for “Contact” and “Lead” rules.

2) Option 2 - Disable for single installation user

For each duplicate rule, click the rule name and select “Edit

Under conditions, add a condition with “Current User: Username”, “not equal to”, and the Salesforce username (login) of the user that installed the package.

Repeat for all applicable rules.

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