How to Enrich a new Lead?

A new Lead is enriched by collecting information, such as first name, last name, and company name. This information helps build the Contact and Account information records in Salesforce. The new Lead details are matched with the Infogroup database to acquire valid and accurate details of the Lead.

Steps to enrich a Lead

  • Navigate to the Salesforce application URL.
  • Click Leads, and then click New. The New Lead page is displayed.

  • Type the Last Name and Company details, and then click Save. The new Lead record is added in the list.

  • Double-click the new Lead record. 
  • Click the Details tab.

  • In the Infogroup section, click Get Match. The Match Results page is displayed.

  • Select the exact match, and then click Match Record

  • All Account details are displayed under the Infogroup section. This is how a Lead is enriched.

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